ELCIC Convention Day 1

Business Session #1 begins at 1:30 PM (3:30 EST) with Opening Worship. You will be able to watch live web streaming of the convention. ELCIC 2011 Convention Webcast.

Highlights of today’s business will be the Report of the National Bishop and National Church Council beginning at 4:10 PM (6:10 EST). First Ballot for National Bishop at 7 PM (9 EST) with results at 8:45 PM(10:45 EST), and a presentation by the Human Sexuality Task Force at 7:30 PM (9:30 EST). Link to the full agenda.

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2 Responses to ELCIC Convention Day 1

  1. Joanna says:

    It seems to me that you are confused my dear friend… How can results of the first ballot for election of National Bishop possibly be presented 45 minutes prior to the election? By my reading, the first ballot will take place shortly after 7pm (9 in the East) with results at 8:45 (10:45 East). You know, Steve, if you want to be a good delegate, you really should be able to read the agenda 😉 !!

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