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Adam, Eve & the Bible

Did Adam and Eve exist? No. Adam, Eve & the Bible Another great article by David Lose. Advertisements

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In today’s Stratford Gazette . . .

Headline: Zion Lutheran welcomes same-sex marriage Link to the Article–> Stratford Gazette

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Why Not to Read the Bible Literally

Here is a link to Lutheran Theologian and Seminary Professor at Luther Seminary in Minnesota, David Lose‘s article in today’s Huffington Post. 4 Good Reasons not to Read the Bible Literally Thank you to Kevin Powell for pointing it out.

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Is secularization the best thing for religion?

“God doesn’t call us to ‘religionize.’ God calls us to ‘secularize;’ to take seriously the past, without being slaves to it. God calls us to bring out of each moment the value that can be achieved; in the name of … Continue reading

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