Unity in Christ – Agreeing To Disagree

It has been seven months since the ELCIC convention in Saskatoon, seven months since the “sexuality” motions were passed.  Some of the dust has settled and the church is still standing.  However, it has not been seven months without losses, our denomination has lost some churches, others still explore the option of leaving, many of our congregations have lost some individual members.  My congregation has had a few members leave over the issue.  I will admit that a couple of those members were ones that I admired for their love of this church.  It is still hard for me to understand why they feel so strongly about this one issue enough to leave a church that we both love.  Can’t we find a way to live with our differences?

This video looks at two Presbyterian churches in Pittsburgh who are learning to agree to disagree and still remain one in Christ.

Living with Difference

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1 Response to Unity in Christ – Agreeing To Disagree

  1. thanks for sharing this Steve … very interesting and what a witness to our diversity!!!

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