This from a Peace Vigil we held tonight in Kingston

22 October 2014

AT the end of this tragic day in Canada, we are deeply AFRAID;

We are afraid for our sisters and brothers in the Muslim community, who may become, in the coming days, victims of retaliation and backlash they in no way deserve;

We are afraid of how our government will use this event as a reason to further tighten security against all citizens, further erode privacy and freedom, and further an agenda of militarism;

We are afraid that more Canadian soldiers will die as victims of violence;

We are afraid that this country that we love will descend into mistrust, fear of neighbour, and expressions of racism and hatred;

We are afraid that the peace and freedom and respect for civilian rights will be replaced by a state that does not resemble the country we know and love.

We would call on all neighbours to send thoughts and prayers for the families who have lost their sons today; refuse to allow our grief to be interpreted as a call to war, and to stand fast for the pillars of respect, tolerance, welcome, and civil liberty that are the hallmarks of our nation.

Respectfully signed at a peace vigil held tonight at Sydenham Street United Church,

Rev. Dr. Nan Hudson, in ministry at Faith United Church, Kingston
Mabel Corlett, Sydenham Street United Church
Kate Johnson, Chaplain
Jamie Swift, Writer
Tara Kainer
Jolene Cheryl Simko
Judith Wyatt
Bronek Korczynski
Elaine Berman
Rev. Steve Hoffard, St. Marks Lutheran Church, Kingston
Rev. Elizabeth Macdonald, Sydenham Street United Church, Kingston
Annie Richard
Amy Solc

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