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The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality

For those who still struggle with this issue.  This is long but very well and thoughtfully done.  I encourage you to take the time to watch.

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Unity in Christ – Agreeing To Disagree

It has been seven months since the ELCIC convention in Saskatoon, seven months since the “sexuality” motions were passed.  Some of the dust has settled and the church is still standing.  However, it has not been seven months without losses, … Continue reading

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I am so proud of my pastor

Pastor Doug Reble speaks the truth from his heart. Thank you

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Clear majority.

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Vote on sexuality statement . . .

Votes are being counted right now.

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Business continues at 6 PM (8 EST) . . .

Business will resume at 6PM with a continuation of the debate on the proposed human sexuality social statement.

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My turn at the microphone . . .

I post this for those of you who lost the live feed back home just as I got to the microphone.  I was more nervous than I thought I would be so maybe that was best.  What I had prepared … Continue reading

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Bishop Susan re-elected.

Bishop Susan re-elected on the second ballot for a second term. Proof of the amazing job she does!

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National Bishop’s Report

One of the highlights of yesterday’s session was the report of our national Bishop Susan Johnson.  She reflected back on her 4 years in office by referring to what her original vision for the church had been.  She wanted to … Continue reading

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Human sexuality . . .

We are having an open discussion on the proposed social statement on human sexuality. What is becoming obvious is what a good job the committee did in coming up with this statement. They really did their homework.

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